One Idea Can Change Everything

Client: Eurobest Young Creatives 2012Date: November, 2012

2012 Eurobest Young Creative's Competition was about communicating IADE University as pole for Creative Ideas to the market and it's entrepreneurs. Plus, the underlining selling purpose was that "Ideas are a valuable asset during the crisis".


We used the tagline "This idea could pay the crisis" alongside successful business ideas that end up being big companies. In the end you could read "An idea can change the world".

Web - Display Campaign

The display campaign would be related directly to the content.

In this website, the news related to the closing of yet another hospital in Portugal.

The banner would show the Angry Birds logo with written message: This idea could pay up to 20 hospitals and re-open the previously closed.

Is this website the news related to the money Portugal was paying to the International Funding Entities.

The banner would show Nike's logo and beneath the message: This idea could pay Portuguese debt and a pair of rolling skaters the to Funding Entities.

Web - App

The App would show 2 different logos and one sentence, for example, "This idea could pay all the health expenses plus it could make 10 million friends". For this sentence, the right logo would be the one of Facebook.

The game would proceed with other logos and different sentences.